Name: Geoff Willig
Address: 6516 Aden Ln Austin, Texas 78739
Schools and diplomas: Bates College 1961-1962, University of Massachusetts-Amherst 1967, B.A. Economics
Marital Status: Married 49 years
Children: Jennifer Willig Johnson, 48, lives in Colleyville TX; Gregory Willig, 47, lives in Knoxville TN; Peter Willig, 45, lives in Austin, TX
Grandchildren: Elizabeth Johnson, 24, grad student at University of TX-Austin; Patrick Johnson, 21, senior at Texas State University, San Marcos, TX; Kathryn Willig, 12, 7th grade in Austin, TX
Where you have lived: Boston MA, Wollaston MA, Amherst MA, Highland Park NJ, Houston TX and Austin, TX.
Work you have done: I really enjoyed my career in petroleum trading and marketing and retired from Valero Refining and Marketing as Vice President of Marketing. Since retiring, I have been working as a marshal at a local golf course in exchange for playing time-a great deal for a retiree !
Hobbies: Living in a location where one can play golf 360 days a year, golf would be #1. I also enjoy working in my vegetable garden which includes veggies and fruits from tomatoes to squash, asparagus, cukes, potatoes, blackberries and peaches. Fly fishing is also a passion especially in New Mexico and Colorado
How you spend your retirement time: In addition to hobbies, I am an avid reader. The first thing Ginny and I did when we arrived in Austin was to get a library card.
How have you changed or not since you graduated in 1961: I have modified my view of this country and the world. Where in 1961, I would have classified myself as a Rockefeller Republican, now I am much more progressive leaning strongly toward the Democratic viewpoint. Living in a state with Rick Perry as Governor, that is easy to do.